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Just joined from Ohio

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Olfordtruck told me to check out the site and it looks good. I am Joe I live in ohio and drive a 2001 4x4 off road 3.0 v6 auto Police Interceptor lol

Time to check out the site!
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Nice, welcome to the site. I'm pretty sure Olford has told you everything you might need to know. So I will just welcome you.
Glad to see ya over here man! I know everyone wants too hear much more about the truck and see some pictures!!! Haha. And fill out that profile and signature too! Have fun on!!! We all do!
Thanks guys. Will do that tomorrow and take some fresh pics. Just got a car wash! but it's raining :-[ :-[
yes welcome to the site :D
Welcome to the site! A buddy of mine use to have the "Police Interceptor" badges on his truck too! ;D
Thanks! And aww man i thought i was the only one :'(
He doesnt have 'em anymore if it makes ya feel any better! LOL
a ton better! lol
welcome to the site man
welcome to the site bro and if i ever get the motor and trans out of a popo car ill have them badges too lol
I would to ;D Those are pretty sick 8)
Thanks a lot guys i seem to like this site a lot better then the others. A lot less people, Everybody knows everybody lol
Small Town USA is what I think of it... with a few Canadians as well... hockey bitter canadians... haha, just messin!!! hehe
eh lol
haha, eh
eh :mad:
fuck hockey eeehh. lmao weclcome to are little world
ha ha ha :D
1 - 20 of 53 Posts
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