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just found out today i have 2 blown cv shafts.....

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ok well the eaton locker is comeing out like now if it blows the cv shafts from turning after i went out trail riding yesterday i don't need it. or does anyone thing it's something else doing it?
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It probably is that if the cv shafts arent stronger than stock then it probably failed due to the pressure the locker put onto it. Either get stronger cv shafts or just get a L/S diff.
it had the l/s before my dad put the locker in but i love the locker lol damn it climbs up hills fast but i really think lockers are better for straight axles my cv shafts were stock lol and now they grind so fucking bad and it puts drag on the truck when u are driving it down the road so i parked it till i put the old l/s in or my dad does lol
You ever thought about doing a SAS? I wouldnt if it's your daily though...
yes thought about it but declined it for to reasons i like ifs in the front and i want coil overs with prerunner fenders lol so ifs works great for what i want :) and yup it's my main daily driver
How many miles on your truck?
I thought you had the eaton put in the rear? And no Ranger came with a limited slip of any sort in the front of any Ranger. They only came with limited slips in the rear. And are you running 4x4 on harder surfaces or pavement, because that will blow out the halfshafts as well.
well idk what was in the front but it was kinda on a sorta hard surface :angel: i didn't have a choice it was a wet hill and the top was dry and was curved and if i got a l/s for the front would it still blow them ? is that a good thing to do is put a l/s in the front and my dad installed the eatons for my b-day so he is the one who knows about them i just drive it
Actually, there were a select few D28 Rangers that came with L/S up front. I know plenty of people who have lockers on the Torsion Bar IFS that have no problems with stock CV axles. First thing is go easy on the skinny pedal. Second to crank the wheel and romp on it. Third is you have the torsion bars cranked it stresses the CV joints.

i haven't cranked tham yet and i was kinda rough on it going through that trail it's a very wet and hilly trail so maybe thats y
I didn't realize that some Rangers had front limited slips. What model had it Plum? The STX high rider models or something like that?
my truck has 52,000 to 53,000 miles on it
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