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I am going to *african-american* up a lift kit for my BII. I only need another couple inches with the 3" i already have, so i thought of just making coil spacers but f that, i want new coils. and I have stock ranger 2" blocks for the rear that i will use.
I know Jeep coils are a huge upgrade to our RBVs as they have a softer spring rate and offer a huge amount of flex over stock. So im looking for a jeep coil that will put me up maybe an inch or 2 in the front, I still want it to be alignable. ill probably pick up some 3 degree adjustable camber bushings if i have to, but ill wait and see if i really need them first.

so im wondering, what size of jeep coil will give me the amount of lift im looking for. will i get lucky enough that jeep leveling coils will measure up to the same as leveling coils for RBVs? or even stock jeep coils will they be tall enough?

My front suspension will consist of f250 shock mounts, ext rad arms, and jeep coils so i can get some good flex out of her.

thanks all.
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