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Im new here...

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Hi i'm new to these forums and new to ford and trucks in general... I am planning on selling my 90' jeep and getting a ranger. I am looking a few and would like some input/suggestions. Don't know if this is the right place on the forums, but I'll just list them off.

2001 super - 126k 4.0L V6 for $5500 obo
w/ roll top cover

1999 super - 109k 3.0L V6 for $5000

xlt 1999 super - 150k 4.0L V6 for $5000
w/ rebuilt transmission in 08', off-road package...

or a 1999 super - 132k 3.0L V6 for only $3500

All are 4x4.... I like the low mileage of the second one but also the price of the fourth...
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well my friend welcome and a ranger is small like a jeep but alot easyier to hual stuff lol and for ur question on the trucks i would go with the 4.0 xlt 1999 super if u want to do offroading and hualing stuff the others are good for having fun and both are great daily drivers
what are u looking to do in ur ranger by the way?
Welcome! I would personally say the first or second. Low miles on them. I would get the first because I personally love the 01-03 body style but that one has a 4.0 as well. Or the second cuz if you take care of that 3.0 then it will last a long ass time! Got any pictures of these trucks?
Here's pics, they should be in order...
Oh and what i'm looking to do is mostly daily driving but would like to put some sort of a lift on and maybe bigger tires in the future.
I would go for either of the trucks with the 4.0. I love the look of the 01-03 front end, but I hate stepsides so I personally would go after the 99 4.0 with the rebuilt tranny. I would also try to get the price down a little bit cuz I think that 5gs for a truck with 150,000 miles on it is a little bit above where it should be.
I would have to agree with everything that West said from liking the 01-03 body but not liking stepsides to getting the 4.0 with a rebuilt tranny. You'll get more power out of that 4.0 with not so bad mpg.
Yes 5000 seems a lil high... Oh and welcome to the greatest forum in the world... :super:
If you're spending a lot, get a mech. to check the one you're most interested in, unless you can do that yourself. My $.02
Yeah, I probably like that one the most. Just i little worried about the miles. And kelley blue book puts the price at almost 6000 for good condition, and that is what the seller is looking at.
yes but your not going to get blue book when you sell any thing we all know that so your going to have to talk him down.
First, welcome to the site!

Personally, I would go for the first one. I'm a sucker for the 01-03 front end and the fact that it's black takes the cake! ;D
rngrdanny22 said:
First, welcome to the site!

Personally, I would go for the first one. I'm a sucker for the 01-03 front end and the fact that it's black takes the cake! ;D
Yes black is cool I like the white or the red too.
Haha... they are all very solid vehicles! I'm just not a huge fan of the 98-00 front end. However, it doesnt take much to convert the front end to the 01-03 model.
The first one is actually dark blue. But i like it as well. Tough decision. It has lower miles but the 99' black one has rebuilt transmish and off road package...and I don't really mind about the front end though.
You should go for what you like in the end your the one driving it ;D
Welcome to the site :super: lol

and i would DEFFINETLY get the 3rd
lol everyone on here is going to have a diff one they like so it's really all up to u all rangers are about the same the 4.0 and 3.0 engines are amazing and last forever if u treat them right so if u want to do more offroading in the future grab the offroad pakege one with the 4.0 if u don't want to do alot of offroading grab a 3.0 it's really all up to u i got me a 4.0 FX4 level II cuz i really live, sleep, and breath offroading it's in my blood so good luck man
What consisted of part of the off-road package in the 4th gens? I never really hear anything about them at all. Is it just a limited slip or something?
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