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Where do I start for a 3.0 to a 5.0 swap?

Im new here! & Got a question on a swap!

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So I've had my share of danger rangers! Currently Im driving a 2003 ranger edge 3.0 manual transmission. I want to put a 5.0 engine in it. I have heard that the mustang fits right in. I was looking @ the 95 5.0 mustang motors. where do i start as far as parts to go with it. obviously a wiring harness, but will it hook up to my transmisson? Im running a stage one clutch in it with a 8.8 rear end and 4:10 gears. I want to know if i can still use the same gauges, fan, and intake since i just recently bought a k & n intake. well if i can get some feedback that would be great! ill post more pics of my other rangers. if i dont check this also email me!
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I've got a breakdown of what I did on mine on my cardomain page for the 87. I went from a 2.3 to the 5.0 out of an 86 mustang gt. The donor cars are out there but not too many unless you already have one in line. Did most of my research by checking out the rest of the v8 trucks and the supply stores for conversion parts like jegs, james duff and advanced adapters which i went through for most of the drop in and go parts. As for the transmission, you want the one from the mustang or a if 4wd, an F150. Most of it is up to what you want the truck to do. I got a truck that hauls @$$ and drags a bigger trailer if need be, better to use an AOD tranny for the trailer pulling, saves on burning up the clutch. Hope it gives you a couple of ideas.
cool thats at least a start
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