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Which wires should I get?

Ignition Coil and Plug wires

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Okay, so I may be getting a new coil pack and wires soon. I reasearched Accel and Screamin Demon coil packs and determined that spending the extra $10 for Accel is probably my best bet. So im pretty set on the coil pack but my delima is the wires.

Im trying to determine if I should get the Underdog HeatBraided 8mm wires, $68.00, in blue or yellow or get the JBA 9mm wires, which i can get for $60.20, that come in blue.

Any opinions on which I should get? Im personally thinking JBA since they are very well known, have great reputation for great quality products, slightly cheaper, and they are 1 mm bigger.
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Your reasoning is sound in my head.

Now if I could just get rid of the voices ;).
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what color blue and what color yellow lol are they bright colors or dull?
Heres the site for the Underdog HeatBraided wires:

Now the JBA Blue ones(this link isnt the exact part number i need but its an example of the JBA blue):
deff the jba ones if they had red i would get them lol
They do have them in red! Im getting blue but you should get red!
i so am ok so my nephew just bought a RX-8 and we went to autozone and he bought a few neon kits and abunch of leds and about an hour ago i just finished engine neon, changed all the interior bulbs to leds, grill neon, trunk neon, speedomiter led, under the dash where the feet go neon, and i drilled holes in the headlights and put one led in each one. guess what color he has a black RX8
Dont tell me you got the Pilot LEDs and neon! Please tell me you didnt!!! I could have gotten you Streetglow factory direct for cheap as hell compared to retail through my sponsorship!
it was streetglow don't worry since it is a D.C. store and in a big city autozone sells more of the better products i worked for autozone for along time i just him this stuff cheap and yup blue leds and neon it looks so sick
Okay just makin sure. Its Streetglow or nothing! Post pics in a off topic thread!
Well, I ordered the JBA blue 9mm wires yesterday. They should be shipped today and hopefully in my hands to put on the truck by the end of the week. Im holding off on the coils for now due to funds but hopefully come end of the month or middle of next month I will be ordering them!

So, hopefully in a few days ill have some pics of the new wires up! And im gonna attempt to work on the pullies again by soaking those damn bolts in PB Blaster!
thats awesome
Yes I want to see you get those pullies on it would be about time...
gerald1488 said:
Yes I want to see you get those pullies on it would be about time...
Yeah, tell me about it! lol
So what's holding you
Tine, money, and the ability to break these bolts loose on the crank pulley and alternator. I gave up on the water pump pulley and fan clutch so I just want to replace the crank and alternator pullies.
Do you need a certain tool to get tose off right??
no, just a good set of sockets or air tools. fan clutch removal tools dont work on mine.
Yes air tools and good sockets are the must have in tools... I could see why you can't get them off now. You don't know some one you could go over to there house and use there tools????
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