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i found a superlift kit but

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it's $2100 and it's a 4 inch lift with everything to do it and a complete kit is this a good price for it?
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You can get the kit for 1800, but you need a new front drive shaft which is around 350.00. Someone on RF has an RCD lift (5.5") and fox coil overs for 1300.00

That's a deal
Yes that there is a deal....
lol 4 thats not very much
So Demon whats up did you get the kit yet
suspension has adjustable torsion keys , yup thats right can go with those in the fron and shackles in the back..i leveled my truck with the adjustables ones and i didnt even go all the way up in the front, i still have to get some shackles then then ill boost it an ill be pretty close to 3 inch marker
na i know all that i just hate the torsion bars they suck offroad
What axle do you plan to use for an SAS ???
Are you going to use coils or leafs?

My recommendations:
Coils - 70-77 Bronco D44
Leafs - 80-88 Wagoneer D44 (Make sure to avoid vacuum disconnect)
well see it depends on what i use the truck for so leafs are best
t120r said:
What axle do you plan to use for an SAS ???
dana 44
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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