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i am building a new and improved skid plate

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i just started it today i'm going to make it longer and add ribs to it for extra toughness i'm thinking of leaveing it like it looks and just putting afew coats of clear coats on it

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I have a chunk of 3/16 steel diamond plate that I cut to make into a skid plate, but I cant seem to find time to make the brackets and get it on

Yes I would definitely think your on to something good there like BADINTEN says 8)
So what happened
Did you ever get this installed?
ya what happened to it
well i installed it and than did a rock crawling course and destroyed it
Did you get any pics? LOL

Better than mangling up your axle I guess... ;D
For sure
yes i did but aint uploaded them to the computer yet been way busy
well shoot
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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