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I admit I have some Honda in my family

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My Brother's 91 Integra DA with a 1.8 VTEC motor and trans from a 98 GSR.

SoCal is home to all the stereotypical Hondas and where the standard is set for the nation to follow. My bro is one of the few that is willing to go out on limb and try something new. I know a lot other people say :eek:, but its one of those love it or hate it things. He has a spare color matched panel in case he ever gets tired of this car is sort of his way of rebelling and showing that not all import owners are stereotypical d-bags. He went with a color that you dont see on Hondas its desert tan from an 80's Mercedes.

Here is his DD. 89 Civic, slammed and beat to hell, but it keeps the salt and miles off the

I have always had a thing for Hondas, but I am like my Fords a bit more.

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LOL I used to love hondas but the ranger replaced the Honda love LOL
Hondas are good for mpg but it does take a man to admit that he has a honda. We are proud of you man! LOL

Im personally trying to get my great grandfather's old black Toyota MR2. The engine is no good but I want that thing to be a project race car. Mid engine and all!
a mr2 used to be my dream ride i seen one in a magazine and loved it
I really hope I can get it! Its a sick car and theres so many options with parts and performance. Theres a red one that this guy has been working on for years and finally finished it. Its down the road and I am wanting to hear it run sooo bad!!!
Sweet... my buddy has a 94 Integra with all the GSR stuff on it!
Honduhs are ok, but I've had better...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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