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I've been trying to search around for a solution for my ford ranger t7 problem, it has been 3 month since my car parked and yet to find a workshop that able to fix my steering rack problem, to let you know more of my story, previously my steering rack made a clicking sound and then i proceed to go to our local workshop to fix, after placing my car for a few nights at the workshop and came back it suddenly got hard to turn the steering around, I'm very curious at first place since it's just making a clicking sound initially, and after asking the price for new steering rack they quoted me very expensive which is very far from my budget, so i proceed to buy a second hand steering rack in shopee, and after installing the new second hand steering rack, in some ocassion the steering felt like it is turning to opposite direction in shocked way, and gradually the second hand steering got hard too...

After asking around some other workshop, with me bringing along the previously broken steering rack, they said that my steering rack has been swapped while staying overnights at the previous workshops and i also just realized that the previous returned steering rack serial doesn't match the parts checklist of my ford , and the one that's on my ford now is reprogrammed and the current mechanic says that a reprogrammed steering rack is not good and most of the time will cause issue, like the problem i have now.

Now I've ordered a used motor for the steering rack and replace only the motor, but still it would not work with my vehicle due to the chip is no match with my ford system and the workshop advice not to reprogram anymore because of the reasons he stated previously, he did suggest to try find someone to flush / factory reset the motor chip which i have no idea who is capable to do such service. I'm really in-need of help, do you guys know how to flush the chip inside the motor? Or is there a tool or service out there could do such thing.

I knew buying a new expensive steering rack would be the best solution but it is far too expensive for me and i could not afford it at the moment. If i could afford i would've done so.

Thank you very much for reading this wall of text i really really really really hope someone could help me out here..🙏
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