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1. The onboard electronic diagnostic system in your vehicle is used to locate problems as they arise. When the car's engine light comes on, you can use an OBD-II scanner to help find the problem and fix it accordingly. However, you can also use the OBD-II to enhance your vehicle's performance with a good diagnostic tool and relevant, updated software.
2. Use a monitor with the most diagnostic scanning possible to check out the most systems in your vehicle.
3. Find engine knocks, and make sure your ABS brake system is operating correctly. The service codes on the OBD-II scanner can tell you how well use are consuming fuel and how individual cylinders are firing. You can fine-tune your transmission shift points with the OBD-II, as well as check the voltage coming out of the ignition.
4. Utilize an OBD-II scanner when adding enhancements such as pipes and fuel burners to ensure that you remain within current EPA standards. If you are busted with high emissions, you can receive a hefty fine or lose your license to work on cars.
5. Watch for new power loaders that are coming on the market, which allow you to adjust the parameters in your OBD-II system for greater speed and extra power. Since the OBD-II is sealed in a case, special equipment is required to change the software parameters. Auto manufacturers and after-market providers are constantly working on these upgrades, while trying to maintain responsible emissions standards.
6. Drive your car with the OBD-II scanner attached. Use a recording option to save the data collected during the test drive. You can then later go back and look at the results to fine tune your car according to your specifications.
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