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How to Upgrade a 3.0 Plz help

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I was looking for a way to make my 98 3.0 a little faster...i was thinking about taking my fan off and replacing it with an electric fan...will that help....i was also looking into a cold air intake.......other than that im stumped....i dont have alot of money im just tired of be the slow plz if yall have any advise let me e-mail is [email protected] or drope me a message....thank you
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the fan thing yes it puts less drag on the engine and a cold air intake will also help i have a cold air intake and love it
First, welcome to the site :exclaim:
I'm not to sure on newer motors but one free way is to lose weight :exclaim: It's a diet for your truck, not you :D One possibility is replace your spare tire with flat repair in a can. Another is join AAA and lose the spare and your toolbox of tools. Less weight= more power= better mileage[ keep your foot out of it ;)] I'm sure there are other ideas,
I saw a thread yesterday that said you could take the heads and upper intake from a 3.0L out of a Ford Escape to increase power.

You could give that a shot! ;D
ya i put that in the 6 cyl section and stickied it danny i thought it was good to know
ya but you need states to back that up why put a sticky that is not back up but true been there dyno that info
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