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So want your side marker light to have some action?

Tools needed
  • Wire Cutters
  • 1 foot of wire
  • T-Tap wire connectors
  • Electrical Tape
This mod is simple

Take out your headlight and on the turn signal harness locate the 1 wire that is colored with a stripe there will also be a brown and black wire but you dont want those

Each year is different and each side passenger side and driver side the color is different

Once you locate it splice into it with a t-tap

Now run the new wire you just spliced into over to your marker light

Now cut the black wire on the marker light and take the end that is going back into the engine compartment and tuck it away. You only need the wire that is now coming off the light socket

Now the wire you just ran over from the headlight turn signal t-tap it into the wire coming off the bulb socket and your done

Here are the results from this mod

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Re: How To: Blinker Mod 2001-2010

Great write up!
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