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how many sets of tires do u have and rims

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i have two sets of tires my bfg mud terrain KM2's and my bfg mud terrain KM's and only one set of rims my alcoas how about yall
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I have some were between 12 & 13 sets but I ran out of fingers to count on and didn't want to take my shoes off. ;D
just one set all i need are my bfg all terrains the work for every thing
I have a spare set of 35x14.50 Thornturds, but gotta love my 36x13.50 Iroks!

So two sets I guess... LOL
I have 4 tires and rims on the truck and a spare under the bed.... no more.... thats all.... im poor... lol
I guess you could say I got 2 sets of tires. The ones on the truck currently and the set that came off my truck after I roasted them. Needless to say there isn't much tread left on the second set.
way to many to count :D
i have my set of 33's that are on my 06 dunlop mud rovers with my black steel unique rims then i have a set of stock 16" black ford steeles , 31'' wranglers with explorer rims which came on my truck for some reason set of 32" bfg mud terrains , 33'' older bfg mud terrains and tons more of olds and ends lol
i had a full set of 33 "and a set of 37" and working on a set of 40" that i had bolted up for a min and they didnt rub woo woo. also have a set of 255/55 18 and a set of 31" drag slicks for the back and 28" skinnys for the front and 33" paddle tires for off road sand use some 35" on some twenty inchs rims i will never use and the list can go on and on.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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