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how do i make a new front bumper?

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i want to make something like a prerunner bumper or a solid metal one big enough to not get dented when i hit deer on the road or trees off road lol any ideas?
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i built mine
you have crumple zones on the front of your frame you have to mod them up or the first tree you hit its all over
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thats something like what i want but i want it covering more up and alittle thinker cuz where i am there is alot of deer and they love to stand in the road i've hit afew with my old truck and it was trashed
i also live in deer country they are all over thats why i built the bumper taken out two with it at speed not a dent stuff them under the truck . you must have mad max deerif you think you need more. ???
in michigan where i live there is mad deer everywhere behind my house each summer night there is about 60 deer in my field and i fly down the roads lol so yup
you are not looking for a bumper you need a deer plow :D :D >:? ether way i would look in to those crumple zones in your frame before any push bumper app can be applied
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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