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For anyone with a young family, reviewed the Ranger to see how well it can accommodate car seats. Overall it had a solid performance but the only area it struggled in is with the forward-facing convertible seat.

The verdict: The 2019 Ford Ranger marks the return of a mid-size pickup truck to Ford’s lineup. While the automaker earns an A for returning to a competitive class with this capable truck, there’s room for a lot of improvement when it comes to the Ranger’s Latch system setup.

Does it fit three car seats? No

Take a look at how the Latch system and each car seat scored below in our Car Seat Check of the 2019 Ford Ranger SuperCrew.

A Grade
  • Rear-facing convertible: The rear-facing convertible installed easily into the Ranger thanks to the convertible’s rigid Latch connectors. The connectors are encased in hard plastic that allow you to push back against the encroaching seat cushions around the Latch anchors.
B Grade
  • Latch system: The Ford Ranger has two sets of lower Latch anchors and three top tether anchors behind the rear seatbacks. The seat cushions sit firmly against the top of the lower Latch anchors, making it difficult to connect to them with a car seat’s hooklike anchor. As frustrating as that can be, it’s nothing when compared to the tether anchor setup: To access the anchors, you need to fold the rear seat and locate the anchors, which weren’t marked in our test vehicle. Correctly installing a forward-facing convertible with this setup will require an incredible amount of patience.
  • Infant seat: Unlike the convertible car seat, our infant seat has hooklike Latch connectors, and we struggled to push past the seat cushions to get at the lower Latch anchors. Once the car seat was installed, we had to move the front passenger seat forward roughly an inch to give the infant seat enough clearance in the rear. Our 5-foot-7 tester still had enough legroom in the front seat to sit comfortably.
  • Booster: Our high-back booster seat fit well on the Ranger’s flat seat cushions. The floppy seat belt buckle, however, can be difficult for younger children to grasp. If your child is struggling, try installing their booster seat in a different rear position, as the other seats have stable buckles that may allow your child to buckle up independently.
C Grade
  • Forward-facing convertible: We were able to easily connect to the lower Latch anchors with the forward convertible, but using the tether anchors was a struggle and the Ranger’s grade here was downgraded because of it. The anchors sit behind the rear seatback, which has to be folded to access them. The tether anchors also weren’t marked — making it difficult to figure out where to connect the tether strap. It’s a difficult setup to use, and in the Ranger, it’s made worse because the whole seatback has to be folded down to access just one tether anchor.
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