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Whats up guys someone recommended this site so i checked it out.

I liked what I saw so i Joined.

I drive a 1987 Ford ranger XLT that has been swapped with a 302 out of a 1991 fuel injected foxbody, it has been swapped over to carb. It has a Dana 35 up front and lots of little odds and ends.

So im looking foward to learning some stuff about these trucks I didnt know before, Im a Mopar guy, I drive a weekend racer, daily driver my 1988 Dodge Omni, I also have a 1968 Chevy C10 longbed with a mildly built 350.

Im all over the map when it comes to cars, I started In american v-8s now have moved onto all motors, even Honduhz.

Im a computer repair tech and tinker with anything that can be tinkered with.

And for now thats all i can think of, im kinda on a caffeine rush lol

Heres the link to my car domain for the truck.
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Sick bro welcome to the site. This is the greatest website on the planet google ain't got nothing on us hahahaha. No for real welcome.
Welcome to the site from VA Beach! The truck looks great! That 302 has got to be fun in that Ranger!
Welcome aboard! Glad you made it here and nice ride ya got there!
nice! i gave you 5*
nice ill put a pic up for you so every one can see your truck

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nice truck man welcome to the board
Yes your truck is pretty cool man..
Thanks guys! I havent got these on photobucket yet, thats why i just linked my cd lol

Hope to learn some stuff I may not have known about the truck.

Definitely need some help with a few small things.
yes and that is what we are here for..
we'll definitely help out the best we can!
Glad you found the site, guess I hang out here more than facebook when i'm not swamped with projects. Have a kickass time man...
Me too it is perfect.
Thanks guys.

If it wasn't for Airtruksrus I wouldn't be here lol.
Still were glad you did.. ;D
oh yea v8 rangers starting to take hold of the old site ;D thats a bitchen truck .want to see v8 install. pics please
Yes that would be awesome..
thats a nice truck bro welcome to the site and cant wait to here more from you
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