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here are a couple of my other trucks

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my 97 dodge

the 72 Cj5 jeep me and my dad built

my dad with his jeep

and here's my 10 year project
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i loooooove ur dodge like omg man lol i'm going to steal it for a day lol jokin but it's one of the sickest dodges i seen
it wont look like that for much longer im tearing it down to build a new one i realy need a exta cab so i bought a 97 extra cab cab and frame and everything on it will be put on the new cab and more.
Sick cvalcore I like all your cars bro ;D
I like that Dodge! Would be awesome to have an ex cab that looked like that. I have a 99 2500 ex cab but its my plow truck so lifting it like that is out of the question.
that's a sweet jeep man!
that was a very long resto on that one it took about 12 years working on it in are spare time it was a rot box and thats to put it in a good way and it didnt take my dad very long to get it all muddy. but hey thats what it was build for.
Sweet rides. I also like the heep ;).
bad ass how the dodge project coming
its not i got rid of the extra cab and put my regular back together and Ive been driving it every day to work now i lowered it 4 inch's and did some steering upgrades with cross over steering and a steering box brace along with a new steering box and put leather seats in it from a 2000 dodge i decided to build a 85 crew cab short bed Chevy with 10 inch's off lift and 38 15.5 20 mtz on it i have about 8 grand in parts waiting to be put on it but with the hours Ive been working it hard to do anything on it.
i want a pre smog crew cab so bad i want a big rig axle like the crew cab in fast and furious 4 where they take the tankers
ya ive been wanting one since i can remember and the one i got is a basket case 2wd but its rust free and thats what matters the most to me!
ya me and my dad had a bright red crew cab in wy it came with a 6.2 diesel in it but the motor was bad we built a 383 stroker kept the 4 speed with a granny gear. that thing was amazing until we snapped the crank
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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