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I know its been asked and asked and asked,

I went and slipped and took a bullet for the instrument cluster white faced gauge swap from a 2001 explorer sport trac into my 1995 Ranger XLT

as asked a million times before and I need the help.

I need help with the pinouts to repin for the warning lights

even if some one can give me the link to the information I need to repin so I can get the lights working

I took all my guts from the 95 and swapped over into the 2001

only thing I am using from the 2001 is the faces of the gauges and speedo

so I need to repin my check engine, door ajar, check fuel cap.

anyones help with pointing me in the right direction for this infor mation or post a link to follow for the inromation I need to get my truck up and running again,

hell Ill even make a video and post it to for others to see what needs done for this swap.

all I could find is this which I am sure helps these owners but not anyone after these years

what I need
I am using only the white faced clusters off the 2001 Explorer and placing them on my 1995 Ranger cluster
The Tach works (because its the one out of my 1995) everything works fuel gauge, speedo gauge, tach gauge, temp gauge, water gauge, (almost everything works) but I need to Move the pins (the power plugs) from the places in the 1995 ranger harness C216 and C215 and C214 to have the warning lights in the 2001 sport trac cluster light up correct
I have seen the information somewhere but I swear I cannot find it again....
So I am in need of the re-pin (moving the check engine, door ajar, check fuel cap) to light up correctly on the 2001 white face cluster, I am only using face on my cluster equipment in my 1995 Ranger.
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