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I'm Black 95 of course my name is for my Ranger. Its a 1995 Ford Ranger Step-side. I just traded my 1980 C10 for it, and well It needs work. There are a few things I would like to do to it, and I had some question before I tried. So I will be posting somewhat.
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Welcome from Virginia Beach, VA!!! Saw on your profile youre from Alaska... i wasnt sure if we would be getting anyone from up there!
Yes sir,
Well, I came across a ad sort of, and thought I would come and join. I got big plans, and most of them needs questions to be answered. So what better place then here?
hello from utah!
Hi, and thank you both.
You came to the right place for it! Its a great group of guys here! very friendly and smart when it comes to ford rangers and BIIs. I saw your interior swap question... im not positive on it all but i know theres some guys on here that have experience with that exact swap.

The only things we tell new members to do is to fill out the profile if possible so we can find out about you (in a non stalker way lol) and post some pic up! We love pics and we always want more! haha
Exterior. lol, and yea, Ill get some pictures after work. I must be getting to bed now though.

See you guys around.
sounds good man! talk to ya soon!
Welcomw Black_95.. This is the best website and the guys here are real down to earth and cool...
Welcome to the site!
yup yup, yes indeedy!
Alright, I will update.
2...2...2...2... please say 2... we need more 2 wheel drivers! haha
4wd Automatic with the v6 ;D
Its set in 2wd if that helps. lol
I don't really drive in 4wd.
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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