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hell of a project - the fordzilla

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well i got a list of trucks and im gonna try to make one good one.
here what i got:

1986 ranger ex cab 2.9 4x4 5spd. needs minor engine work. floor is gone.

1988 ford ranger reg cab 2.9 4x2 5 spd. needs clutch. body is great shape

1989 bronco ii 2.9 4x4 auto, wont start

1988 bronco ii 2.9 4x4 auto. runs very poorly, cab is gone on the back.

i was gonna take the 4x2 ranger and sas it using parts from the 86 but nah screw that. id like to get the 86 ranger going. so im thinking ill take the cab off the 86, lodge the cab upside down on the ground or in my garage and cut out the whole floor. and make my own floor using probably 3/16" sheet metal or aluminum and have some like 2x3 square tubing welded or bolted on for the supports, cause thats whats gone in her now. so then id get it bent right and then she would be built perfectly for specifialy me. and then hit it with some paint, probably por-15 and then slap it back together, throw in a 4.0 and my d35/8.8 that im getting and id have my dream truck. probably around 4-6" suspension lift or more and a 3" body lift and some 35s with 4.56s. but thats getting way ahead of myself lol. anyways enough bullshit heres the pics

and the next pic is a bit scary...

no.. i dont know whats going on there either. she has 3" pipe cut for the pan, and 5 hockey pucks for the cab? oh well either way. a 3" Performance Accessories body lift and new rubber bushings instead of those pucks. and the rad support is gone on her to. so the rad support on the 88 b2 is good so i can see her coming to peices.
either way, im hopeing that the idea i got of making a floor will be road legal if not, well im screwed.
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Nice project and the floor pan should work just fine...
wow you got some work to do bro and for the pipe there is nothing wrong with it we didnt always have pa or duff to turn to i have made my own body lifts tons of times
yea i know that but still id like to get rid of the pucks he got for bushings on the body mounts. but that dont matter anymore cause ill be putting the other ranger cab on there so ill use the body lift and bushings from her
heres some stuff that i already got

Parts list:
another full brush guard
door that have the little wing/vent windows
roll bars
d35/8.8 [havent picked it up yet]
just cut out some cardboard shrouds for round light conversion
I'd probably do the extended cab too. You'd have to screw or rivet the alum., and alum. doesn't like flexing, it gets stress cracks. I screwed my patch panels (made from whatever steel I had handy) and they seem to hold. Check my b-II build. Sprayed with rockguard - looks good but I don't care about looks - it's a bush buggy. I did weld the floor pans cause I wasn't sure about the screws holding good enough, I like my feet.
Good luck,

theres the reg cab
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cab is all unbolted and jacked up off the frame 8 or 10 inches. got the bed off. gotta unhook steering, wiring harness is unhooked, dont no wat ill do with the shifters since its a fm145 and the shifter comes up and back a lot, i gues ill get it around it someway. but tomorrow ill get off the steering and the rest of this **** and have the cab off hopefully. then wait for the scrapyard to come pick it up. after i take off some parts i might want like doors, hood. then hopefully get the reg cab off the frame and put on the ex cab then once i get it all lodged on there ill have to see what mods ill have to do to get it bolted up, then a 4.0 swap and the d35/8.8

got these cut out, now do you guys think iit would be ok for me to just bondo these over and call it a day?
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My opinion-Bondo no
-fiberglass yes
imo i second that
the steering is unhooked, harness is unhooked, brake lines unhooked, clutch line unhooked, everythings off. cab is up about a foot or so in the air.
I wish I had your energy. Keep it up , and pics please.
thanks guys

alwaysFlOoReD said:
I wish I had your energy. Keep it up , and pics please.
and thank u especially, you gave me a **** load of help and encouragement lol im glad you signed up here
so its ready to go on the full size bronco frame ? jk man. when you thrash you thrash. cant wait to see this set up
you really want this on the fsb frame dont you haha
and guys this will probably take a little while cause im only 14, still got school, and doing this all myself, my dad and brother offered to help me but i said no i wanna build my dream truck myself a 1st gen reg cab 4.0/d35/8.8. somethin that nobody else has and takes effort to build
man ow man you have got a lot of work ahead of you but stick to it and you will get it done you remind my of me when i was your age. man now i feel old thanks alot
Oh no big deal your not old hahaha
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