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I recently purchased a 94' Ranger XL w/ step side, to haul my newly finished project around. The guy I got the truck off of informed me that it was vandalized/stolen afew yrs back and he cut costs and replaced alot of the damaged parts on his own(ex-mechanic... and from the looks of it a terrible electrician). I have lil previous knowledge of the truck... but I have found alotta bugs that are in need of fixing, so that means quite afew ignorant questions(I apologize... ahead of time). This is my 'first' POV truck. Ive grownup in an import car environment, and have only owned 1 other Ford my entire life (73 Maveric... I think it was).

This is the truck...

When I got the truck, the guy informed me that the steering box needed replacing and a muffler, was all that was needed to get her DOT legal. Shes a 94' XL w/ stepside, and some reasonably large tires. The bed fenders have seen its share of gravel spin outs it appears(fiberglass :mad:). The interior is... for best explanations... quite used/worn/loose... but she runs/drives VERY well! I replaced the steering gear box... works well now, w/ a tiny bit of a 'whine' to it. Gonna be putting the muffler/exhaust pipe on this weekend.

My initial question is, for my interior, what years are compatible w/ mine? Ill be replacing parts via CList part-outs, and was wondering which years parts would fit into mine. The dash/dr panels are pretty cracked/flopping... so those 2 items are 1st on the appearance list of replacements. I have a set of Recaro seats that I will be replacing the current worn buckets. Floor and ceiling are an easy fix for me(wife works at a flooring Co. and Ive done interior fabrication/design to several imports). The windows rollup slowly... so will eventually need to replace the regulators. I will be designing/fabbing a drop down center 'console'. Nothing extravagant... but itll be mainly for storage(maybe a few switches for something too). The bed im not too happy w/. It's not in 'terrible' shape... but the thought of making a flatbed w/ a hydrolic jack 'dump' and retractable ramps, for easier loading/unloading, has been tearing at me since I got it. :D

Im not fully mechanically knowledgeable of automobile mechanics... but Im not wet behind the ears either. Im a fabricator by hobby and decent designer aswell. Im currently learning body work(metal), but not gonna delve in too deep into that. I know nothing of fiberglass other than I dont like it... lol.
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