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Grill LEDS

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soo ive always wanted them since ive seen Olfords set up, and i finally got some! 24" Blue flexible Blue LEDS. Now there not wired up completely yet but ill post more when they are! Tell me what ya think!

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Nice lights.
Very good job! Looks very sharp!
Lookin good! Now you need some HID's so your headlights and foglights will have a blue tint to them as well ;D
Or a blue strobe system from streetglow! lol
haha Olford your quite the posterboy for street glow! but there a great company! butt guys who needs HIDS when you can have.... Halos ;)

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And those are exactily what I want to do cosmetically when i get the money! Those look amazing, especially on a yellow Ranger!!! ;) And then get the Streetglow Audi style LED strips to put on the headlights... That would be one badass halo/ audi led headlight! lol

And I love my Streetglow!!! lol
Yeah, i should be getting these reall soon, im soo pumped! ;D
I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THOSE ARE THE LIGHTS I WANT!!!! i have those same halos bookmarked on my page. I am selling a whole bunch of crap on craigslist so that i can afford them. its not working out so well...nobody seems to want my brothers old trombone..
Sell it to an antique shop! lol... Yo xblackxbeautyx, introduce yourself in the new members section and add some pics! Glad you came to check this place out!

Im starting to sell stuff myself to get some funds for that kind of stuff!
ahh i guess you guys will just have to be jealous for awhile ;)
Geez!!! I want them so much!!!!
Those are pretty sick! One piece design too!

I remember back in the day when the only on-piece lights you could get were off Rangers from Brazil. People were paying a fortune for those! Like $500!

They are awesome though and were all the rage back in '05 and '06.
ya i love the halo lights and im tryin to sell a ton of **** on the list lol

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mhmm i just have a the best girlfriend everr! haha
LUCKY!!! My fiance got me my new pioneer 4 way speakers for my b day so im not complaining! lol
Very nicee, i have those too nice and loudd with good sound!
Yep! 280 watt max! They sure do hit the base hard!
mhmm!! there awesome!
1 - 20 of 59 Posts
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