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I want to share a usage experience of wireless Carplay adapter:
I got one wireless adapter a month ago for my car, works great, no issues so far!! I installed it in the center console, so its totally out of view and connects perfectly.
I used both Apple Maps and Google Maps during my test period and both responded as we expected. There was no lag in getting directions and the touchscreen was as responsive as with a wired connection.
Even using Siri was effortless. I was able to ask Siri for directions while driving and they popped up on the screen in a few seconds.
Wired also great, but there are benefits to having it wireless. No need to take the extra step to plug it in, it can sit in your pocket. Or, if you leave the phone is a bag, you don't have to fish it out.
Hand Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Telephony Communication Device

Highly recommended!
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