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I've found one I'm interested in. Have a few questions and I've found from buying my Focus RS that the dealer staff are not really good for much info on the cars/trucks they sell, so I'm here to learn a bit more from those that are truly enthusiast for this model.

The one I'm looking closest at right now is a 2021 SuperCrew 4x4 with the tow package. From looking at the package on the Ford site it looks like I still need to order the brake controller accessory. Can someone confirm I'm right, or wrong?

One of the main reasons I'm looking at a small truck is towing more than I can with the Focus, but not so big as to need a full size. I was thinking I would get an electric truck, but the prices on those looks like once you put a few options into it and some range will be close to twice the price of the Ranger.

Any feed back on the Ford Performance tune. I'm use to premium fuel only already, so not worried about that. But, wanting something that will keep all factory warranties in place. I need to discuss this with the dealer as well though to make sure their "lifetime power train warranty" is OK with Ford 50-state tune.

I was looking at the Ranger in Europe in mid 2019 and liked the options I saw on it there, but I'm not seeing them on the US parts list. Does anyone happen to know the makers of this bed cover and "chase bar" (I really don't know what to call it, but it looks like a less rugged version of the Ford Performance chase bar). I like that it blends into those rails that covers the top of the bed sides from front to back. It appears to have the CHMSL integrated into the bar as well, unless that was some weird reflection.

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Anyway, thank you in advance for any feedback. I may be joining this community in a week or so if wife also likes it.
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