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Hello from Central Florida, The picture is for attention. One of the many kinds of spiders in Florida
Thanks for letting me in the group.New to the Ranger world and this is what I got.
I just purchased from an actual little old lady a 2011 Ranger
2 wheel drive
CD player
running boards
sliding rear window
towing package
tinted glass
dark gray color
extended cab
bed liner
30 K
The lady fell and broke her hip about 10 months ago and her good intentioned neighbors ( also elderly and Snowbirds) in order to keep the trucks battery charged would start it for her about once a week. They did this until it ran out of gas. So long story short the truck has been sitting on empty, my best guess 7-8 months. I replaced the battery, put in about 5 gals of gas and some dry gas. It cranks but will not start. I cannot hear the fuel pump when turning on the key.
So far I have cycled the key several times before trying to start
1) changed the fuel filter.
2) could feel a click on the relay when somebody else turned the key.
3) sprayed starter fluid into the engine and she started right up and died.
4) checked at the shrader valve both before and after starting with starter fluid and had no pressure built up. I did not have a fuel pressure tester but just pushed in the shrader and no pressure was released.
So not what? Injectors or pump ? Maybe I’m just missing it but I don’t hear the pump cycle when I turn the key.
I’m thinking pump ?
what say you ? thanks for the help.
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