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1994 Ranger: Does Fuel Pump have a check valve? If not, what prevents pressure loss & allowing Fuel to drain back to tank after shutdown? With the engine off, and key on, I crawled underneath and listened to pump "short cycling". sometimes I could hear a "gushing sound" as fuel is pumped into the empty drained line. I had installed a new fuel pump & the truck has not been used much at all. To start I turn the key on an listen for the Pump to click on, then off. I do this twice- then a short crank (to release air backpressure in the the line) - and repeat this procedure until it fires up. Then the engines runs for a few minutes, at idle, then stumbles & dies. Is this a independent check valve issue, location unknown, - or - is it the fuel pump. At one point I though I had the issue resolved after replacing the fill /vent tube because it would [email protected] for a couple of minutes & I figured I had the problem licked. Drove to try the new fill tube at a gas station and only made it one block & it died. Would not restart with the multiple key on/off thing. Walked home and got my 2019 Ram to tow it home. Next day I discovered the short cycle/gurgling of the fuel pump. It will run 150 feet without crapping out, so I was able to drive it into the Pole Barn & get it up on blocks. Fortunately I still have the 4 point lift rig I made with come-alongs to lift the bed up again to get to the tank. "It Ain't Easy Bein' Cheezy"
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