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Good evening Forum Members,

I own a 2009 2wd, 3 litre diesel, Ford Ranger Twin Cab. The vehicle has been well maintained and only driven conservatively by my wife and I. Recently, I replaced the original Dunlop GrandTrek tyres with a set of Yokohama Geolander A/T's

Immediately after fitting the tyres, I noticed a slight vibration through the steering wheel, despite the fact that all four tyres had been balanced. Then on a drive through a slight, but rough left hand bend, the front wheels started to shake badly. I immediately slowed down until the shaking stopped afterwhich the vehicle drove normally. It has exhibited this behaviour a couple of times since, (a type of wheel wobble) as well as less violent behaviour like a moderate wheel balance shake.

I took the vehicle to a mechanic I trust. He again balanced the wheels and did a wheel alignment. He stated that the measurements were only marginally out of spec. I sense that particularly on rough roads, the vehicle is prone to misbehave again, by virtue of the movement through the steering wheel.

This behaviour has only occurred since the fitting of the Yokohama tyres. I believe these are good quality tyres. Alignment and balance are spot-on.

I would value any suggestions as to what may be causing these problems along with any remedial actions.The vehicle has only done 95,000 kms.


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