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2020 Ranger XLT FX2
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What is best way to lift front end on 2019 ranger 2" ? all I want is lift front to match rear.
I just installed the Bilstein 5100 Shocks front and back. The front shocks have adjustable clips which give greater preload and thus lifting the front of the truck. I put the clip on #4 of 5. and it gave me a 2" lift which was perfect. My 31 inch tires look just fine! I have a 2020 FX2 and the Bilstein shocks are far superior to the FX shocks. No more bounce with a dampened ride now. The added preload of the springs made the ride just right. I got my Bilstein 5100s from Stage 3 Motorsports and their service was outstanding. Price for the 4 shocks is very reasonable. My Ranger is a highway and backroads truck so I don't need the pricy Icon or Fox systems. Changing the front springs with a spring compressor (rented from auto parts store) is no big deal. Just take your time.
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