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fordzillas other 4x4s and skidoo

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newest ranger, 87 4x4 possible stx

89 b2, currently not running

88 b2, for sale

79 bronco, 93 mazda b2600i, 88 ranger, 86 ranger, all not running lol, the 79 somewhat runs

2005 m5 141", sno stuff exhaust, 3.5" riser, powermadd handguards, skinz seat cover, custom graphics
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Superlifted06FX4 said:
Wow, so much good stuff
;):D :D
sloue said:
just a thought cant see under the ugly,into the realm of the ,,what could be. :D :D. i see a gold mine of parts .there is the potential there for one kick ass trail rig. and its all right there. could do it for real cheap. and people like me who HAVE TO think about $$$$$$$$$ ,,,,,,,,,,,thats how we do it. >:? its called red neck fab :D :D :D
That's the point I was trying to make 8)
Superlifted06FX4 said:
Hey now, I was just givin Jeffafa ****. He better get that fullsize together.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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