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for Red Demon II

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Now that is sexy!
omg man thats sweet and the hood is exactly what i'm doing to mine after i get a new honey comb grile thats black the hood will be black insted of that silver and the middle will stay red ;D
Sweet man , this truck looks awesome, your truck will look great with that honey comb grille
That's a sick looking truck. I think he's a member over on RF...
your right danny, hes a member of RF and FRF. His username is RazorsEDGE

here is his build thread:

its pretty badass. He put a manual t case in it, sas'd it and all. very sick truck. The thing can flex like none other
eeeeeeeeeeeew i love it. where do sign the papers
nice clean truck for sure
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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