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What bed do you like most on a Ranger?

Fleetside or Stepside

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Okay, what kind of bed do you guys like on a Ranger?

Im personally a fleetside guy. I dont like how some of the stepsides look against the cab of the truck and how small they make the bed but some may like that style! I just want to know what everyone likes best!

And post up a pic of your fleetside or stepside!

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I like fleetside.

This is my favorite
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Dont forget to cast the vote in the poll too gerald!!!
oh ok I thought I did when I replied I guess I didn't submit the vote
Fleetside for work, stepside/flareside for looks. My votes would cancel each other so I won't.Pics of 97 f-150 shortbox flareside work truck. I know ,I went against everything I just said-I couldn't pass on the deal.
I made aluminum sides for the top of the box so I could fit a regular topper on. A small bonus was a sliding upper shelf.
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step side is a waste of money less bed space and its ugly as hell
I saw a stepside XLT today and it was lowered like a race truck stance. Would have looked 150% better with a fleetside on it!
Definetely fleet side:

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lol looks like everybody is for fleetside ;D
Yep! I love fleetsides. So I guess we can say that the majority of this site is a fleetside and flowmaster site! LOL
well my way of exhaust is using a grinder and cutting off the muffler. it actually sounds awesome and not like garbage either lol
haha, well here in VA we have nazi lawmakers and popo that say we must have a muffler and cat converter... they actually now say that any non-stock exhaust is illegal! LOL
they both can look good but the ranger step side has a very very little bed but it looks good
Sorry guys, I actually feel like a traitor... I'm gonna go stepside on this one...
What ???
Just from a styling standpoint... as far as functionality it's fleetside all the way! ;D
Ok then i accept that.. lol
Stepside??? Stepside??? WTF!?!?!? HAHA, just kidding. Need a little variety.
Wow... no other stepside lovers???
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