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My parents signed up for AT&T U-Verse, $160/Mo Gives us unlimited phone, every HD channel including movie channels and *drumroll* fiber internet.

We're going from 3mbps connection to a 12, we could have gone for the 17 but it was a bit too much.

Supposedly this will be more reliable than cable, Bright House has a bad rep down here for reliability and to get all of these channels through cable would have been over $200.

It's getting hooked up Sunday, and I'm really curious to see if its fiber to the house, or how its going to work, the salesperson was useless when it came to stuff that wasn't on his paper, i know they've been laying it down all week.

Networking is one of my strong "subjects" so we'll see if it meets my approval for home internet.

idk, I was just thinking about it and thought I'd share lol
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