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February 2010 ROTM Winner!

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And the winner is...

Tom S. (TS6034)!

Congrats man! You got one helluva ride!

Also, congrats to all the other nominees!
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Congrats Tom S!!!!! Thats an awesome Ranger and its a much diserved ROTM!!!
congrats tom its a nice ranger,some one should nominate my ride lol
that tuck needed this
Congrats :super: 8)
congrats offsafur lol you doing minis proud
Congratulations Tom sick a** truck bro :knight:
Yo Arctic, set the man up with a custom ROTM signature pic! Please??? ;D
Will do, I will work on it at some point.
Awesome! Thanks man!
sweet Arctic!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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