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So, who should win the 02/10 ROTM?

February 2010 ROTM - Voting Thread!

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And this months nominees are:



TS6034 (Tom S):




Good Luck! 8)
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they're all great looking trucks.... Good luck to everyone in the contest!!! ;D
my votes in guys good luck to you all
my votes in
good luck everyone
My vote is in 8)
man TS6034 that ranger is just plan sick
cvalcore said:
man TS6034 that ranger is just plan sick
Thanks! Would you believe I painted that hood my self..............with rattle can? Lol
Dupont I do believe painted a few cars with Rattle cans, and they won best of car for a few events.
how i have tryed a few time's and i could not ever get it that shinny
dude, that's awesome for rattle can!
Hell yeah it is!!! Please, do tell how and what brand!!!
Well I found some Rustloem at true value hardware that was real close to the original paint color. It's enamel and takes a couple days to dry. I used three cans on the hood. I layed in on real thick and it flattened out for the shine. I played around with it by painting the grill and headlight bezzels. I also painted the tailgate with the same stuff. It turned out good too.

Now that I'm getting the truck ready for the body shop, everything is getting repainted. I used a scrap hood and tailgate so I wouldn't have to strip that enamel off. Lol
i need a new pic in there ;D
haha... it's looking to be a good race ;D
3 hours to go! :knight:
Its a good match up all around!
t-minus 10 minutes and counting!
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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