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Exploration of Pisgah National Forest

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So me and a friend met up this past Saturday in Hickory, NC for a little wheelin in the mountains. It was a beautiful day for it too. I had to drive about two hours, but well worth it! We were pretty much in the woods all day riding the trails through the forest, and did some light hhiking to see some amazing views. Got a few pics of our trucks as well, wish i had taken more of them, but we were driving most of the day. On to the pics:

(It wasn't closed where we were coming we conquered that beast though!)

My truck:

Dustin's Truck

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Awesome sights. Makes me wish I could get into the states sometimes :(
Awesome scenery man! Your buddy's FX4 looks just like my old one... except mine didnt have a lift :(
Sweet pictures that looks like an awesome place
perdy im ready to go wheeling.
Yes no doubt but my problem I am a 2 wheeler I need to get a 4 wheel drive bad..
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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