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Hey all, I'm new here and new to owning a ranger (which I love) however today 2 weeks into my used ranger 2017 (uk)registered 3.2 limited with 31000 miles on the clock I was driving down the road and noticed the heated screen elements were on (number plates appear a bit blurry due to heat waves) when I looked down the switch was off, so I tried turning it on and off again and it still appears to be on, then the throttle and drive became very jerky... then as quick as it happened it went away. Problem is I'm going away friday (700 mile round trip) and concerned it may come back!

Has anyone else had any problem similar and can point me to a possible cause also I'm not sure if it's related but the stop start dont work, it keeps saying battery charging. I've not driven it long enough to seem to get it fully charged, well I did a 50 mile journey to a place and back and it still didnt charge up enough so are we thinking the battery could be on it's way out? (At 3 years old?)

Anyway, any advice or tips would be appreciated

Thanks all,

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