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Electric to Manual T-Case Swap Wiring

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I put my manual t case in and got the console/shifter issue all taken care of a couple of weeks ago. So I decided to get the indicator lights working.

A couple of seconds with the continuity setting on the multimeter and I found out the switch on the t case just grounds out either the 4 low wire of the 4 high wire depending on what gear its in.

I looked at the 4x4 system wiring diagram and found out the blue/black wire going into the GEM (located just to the left of the radio) is the 4 lo indicator light ground, and the solid gray id the 4 hi ground. (there are two gray wires going into the GEM, its the lower one on the plug.)

So all I had to do was connect the two wires from the tcase to the two indicator light ground wires coming from the cluster.

Finding a bezel with no 4x4 switch was harder than I thought it would be. Exploders have the rear wiper switch, and there are not very many 95+ 2wd Rangers in the JY. I am going to keep looking for one with the dual cig lighters.
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sweet mod! I got one out of a sporttrac... yeah it had the rear wiper control, but I took off the switch and put a 12V outlet in it... then the lower switch was retrofitted with another fog light switch... still havent wired it up though...
i wanted one w/o a fog switch, since I have switch panel for my lights.
thats another good write up man this kid sorry this young ranger man is great to have around

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stickyd this, another thread to good to get lost.

im gonna try this soon, dont like not having a 4x4 light haha
my ranger has the dual cig lighters what are you looking for one for?
The radio bezels with no rear wiper, foglight, or 4x4 switches are kinda hard to find, but I ended up finding another one with dual cig lighters.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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