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Hi all,

I have a 2015 UK wildtrak that has a long history of issues that I believe relate to the egr cooler.

A couple of independent mechanics have historically diagnosed coolant loss as defective filler cap or bottle.

Both have been replaced but I still lose coolant so heres my logic.

  • no visible destination of coolant (no puddles!)
  • no oil in the water or water in the oil (not head gasket)

As such I assume the egr cooler is leaking into the exhaust.

Other symptoms
  • periodic coolant loss (at least 2 litres per week)
  • periodic engine cut out (as if overheating)

So, I'm banking on the egr cooler as such my question is as follows.

On a 2015 wildtrak can the egr cooler be replaced without dropping the gearbox?

I have no issue removing ancillary parts such as throttle bodies l, hoses and pipes but if it requires the transmission out the way or the engine lifted I will bounce it to ford!

Thanks in advance

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