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Dyllan - Frisco TX

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Hey, my name is Dyllan. I live in Frisco, Tx just north of Dallas.

I own a BII "The Head Turner". I am 17 and it is my first car. I bought it for 750. I just found out it needs all new brake parts, u joints, tie rods, and hubs. It looks like it will be spending a while in my driveway. After i do those things I will do some welding, (bumpers and roof rack). Then a JD 2/3in body lift and a 2.5in susp. lift. Maybe D35 8.8 and 4.0.

Ill get pics soon.
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Sweet rig man! Post a couple pics!

My 84 BII has been sitting in my driveway for about 4 years now... just havent had time to work on it!

The axle swaps you mention are the best way to go with bigger tires. The D28 I've heard is pretty weak when going 31"+.

Feel free to look around! I'm going to create a BII section just for you! ;D
Well that will be great thanks.

Ill post some pics... dont get your hopes up.
LOL... okay man!
You should put a "your rig under construction" section too.
Just added one underneath snapshots... made it for build threads only
sorry guys working on reading all the post im tryin to do my parts seems like you guys love your rides like i do mine.

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