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2020 Ranger Supercrew 4WD w/Tiwibg Package owner here.

From time to time I find myself wishing I owned a dump truck. Sometimes I have a delivery coming on apallet or want to pick up a couple yards of compost or other material and I don’t want to spend an hour shoveling it out of the truck.

This got me down the rabbit hole of looking at small dump trailers like the 5x8’ single-axle type. It seems like these are typically rated for 5K total weight and 3-4K payload. For $2k more you can get into a dual-axle with a chunk more payload but more weight to pull, and a bit more room to store it.

Reality is for the 6-8k a trailer costs I can pay for a lot of material deliveries, and that’s the smart way if I need 10 yards, but I have smaller projects where I just need one or two and it’s be nice to just drive down and pick up on my schedule. For the heaviest loads I’d be on state and county local roads only, so no need to pull 6 tons of truck and trailer uphill at 65mph. I also own a Deere 1025 tractor and while it’d be nice in theory to be able to tow that, it’s crazy heavy for a tiny machine (like 3K with attachments) and I think I’d either need a much lighter trailer or bigger truck and I don’t need to move it that badly.

Anyway, curious what others think? Is a small dump trailer useful like this, or does everyone regret and wish they bought bigger? And how much weight can I really pull in one before I’m asking for trouble?
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