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Drive out to Knotts Island

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It has been really sunny the past few days so yesterday after I finally cleaned ole yeller I took him out to Knotts Island, NC. Only 45 min to get there but pretty relaxing drive.

Heres some pics from the mini trip!

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Your truck looks good. 8) I think your truck likes taking pictures. :p Man that yellow is something else I never thought I would like it but seeing it on your truck makes it even better I think iI would like it on my truck too. Your truck looks real good bro and you take real good care of it too ;D
Thanks man! Lost of work goes into ole yeller and he sure does love taking pictures! Snow, rain, day, night, and summer... loves them pictures! LOL. I was unsure when my dad origionally got the yellow as well. He was looking more towards the torch red and blurple but went with the yellow. Im happy he did, cuz I bought it from him soon after! LOL. ;D ;D

After this truck I have become a sucker for yellow Fords with black stripes and accents!
hell yes it looks sick now all you need is a couple black stripes down the middle like my mustang. :D I have to get some pictures up of it soon.
I wanna see!!!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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