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Like many today, I washed and waxed and detailed the truck today taking advantage of the beautiful weather. I rolled out of bed at 10:30, threw on some deodorant and my flops and grabbed the wash bucket lol. I started at 10:45. Finished at 4:00

My Process:

Wash with Meguiar's Deep Crystal Car Wash
Cleaned wheels, tires, and engine with Simple Green and various brushes
dried using microfiber towels (go over twice)
waxed using AutoGlym High Definition Wax
Wiped engine plastic down with Meguiar's Natural Shine
detailed interior with Meguiar's Natural Shine
Cleaned glass with off brand Glass Cleaner
Polished wheels with Meguiar's Hot Rims and Meguiar's DynaCone
Final wipe down with Meguiar's Quick Detailer

Then I changed the oil in her and installed some new Pioneer speakers!

Nasty ***** hasnt been waxed since September

All the dust from going camping last year (ive been slacking)

clean engine!


Detailed Engine:

On to the wheels


And the ultimate finished product:


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Dude, that engine looks brand new! I've got half a mind to pay your way down here just so you can come clean mine... LOL!

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I'm detailing oil field trucks... your dirty is my super-clean lol! Looks really good.

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