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Ok...this is not a joke...this really happened to me .....

when i worked at Lowes Hardware, i was standing on aisle 19 w/ all the weed and bug killers and stuff helping customers. These two elderly men approached me ( you could tell they were old farmers or something with their pointer brand bibs and mile high farmer hats, id say they were prolly 80 years old)...

they proceeded to ask me if we carried anything to get rid of deer out of their gardens...A smile widened across my face bc yes,, yes we do...

I walked over to location and picked up a bottle of "Liquid Fence"...HORRID SMELLING stuff, bout make you thro up (almost did to a few people who asked me if we carried anything to get rid of deer out of their gardens). Well i opened it us and held it to the guys face and said "here take a wiff, nothing like this smell..." Well the old man smelled it and make an awful face....

He says "Damn, whats in that stuff son...that shiitteee stinks..... the other old man says let me smell i was like u sure? i held it to his nos sqeezed the bottle a little bit and he got a wiff of it,

He makes the awfulest face you ever seen and says "THAT $H!T smells like rotten pU$$y......this old mans says this OUT LOUD for everbody to hear..i double over laughing.... Then the other one says:

"I dont know what youve been licking steve, but i aint ever had none that smelt like that....!!!"

at this point im in tears laughing so hard...

Then the "Steve" pats me on the back and says "Son, have you ever had any rotten pU$sY?"......

i literally could not breath i was laughing so hard!!!

THIS IS NOT A JOKE, this really happened to me and i will remember this till the day i die!!!!! if yall dont believe me, go pick up a bottle of Liquid Fence and see how bad it smells!

i hope this is ok with mods, i tried to state it cleanly and not take away from the story, but these things are exact quotes from these too old men and i though it would be hilarous for yall to hear this true story!
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