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Hi. Just bought an 87 ranger sxt that I'm looking into turning into my toy. lift, 33s etc. Differential gears is where I'm confused. My front is geared at 4.10 and I've read that it came stock with a Dana 28 Axle. Rear is geared at 3.89. I've also read that both differentials should be geared the same. I have a few questions.

1) is it accurate that the rangers of this year came stock with Dana front axle?

2) is it normal for differentials to be geared differently?
(I've been told uneven gearing can cause transmission and other problems)

3) at these gears can I run 33s stock or would I have to regear to 4.85?

4) final question. If I have to regear rear diff does anyone know if Dana makes an axle I can install in place of stock axle? If I have to regear I'd rather pay for a good Dana than spent the money to regear stock axle.

Any and all input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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