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custom center console and 10" sub box

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ok ill start out with the pics of the wood i started with

as you can see in this pic i have bucket seats and waiting to fill the center with a console.

i dont have the pics but i used thick bendable wire to make a floor templet using that i made plywood side pieces to start with.

here i have it slid up to the dash testing to see where i need to trim to bring it closer and cover the ash tray opening.

here i decided i wanted a custom shifter so i took some square bar stock and heated it and twisted it to my liking

at this point i had to cut a section out for the shifter and finish cuttin the top piece.

forgot to get pics (cant find them) of building the sub box but this a test fit.

another test fit with the sub box

this is a pic of the center and box before i fiberglassed it

sorry guys im missing alot of pics. instead of fiberglass mat i used speaker box cloth i STREACHED it around and tacked it down with my brad nailer. after that i mixed up some resin and layered the resin a few times.

in this pic i was trying to use the fiberglass mat and its just much harder to work with in my exp.

just a different view of the center after a few coats of resin

more coats of mat fiberglass

the next few shots shows me using speaker cover fabric on the front. i had to pull it tight and resin over that like before

different view of box and center

another view of both

center sittin solo

ill post more pic of the box closer to being finnished. i got in a rush for a road trip to wy ne and sd last june and didnt get pics of my truck with the center

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That's a sweet looking box! Good work!
wow! Thats what I want to do when its not my daily driver! Great work! cant wait to see the final product! Did you have the seats covered custom or is it just a really good and tight cover on it?
That looks like a good project and a sweet box...
i had the seats re done i am going to have the gray taking out i told the guy my needed colors and he did a great job but im getting all the gray out of the mix now cuz i know how to paints my dash now i was worried before but hell had it out enuff now. i had the box installed and sub was hittin great but not loud enuff with just a ten so im gettin a 12

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bigger is better! I want to get my seats done black and yellow just like the rest of the interior will be done but i was worried how much it would cost... how much did you spend on the seats being recovered?
i looked around and they wanted a ton i found a guy to do both anyway i wanted for $240 cash money for both most places wanted $300 per seat

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holy cow! Well, i guess that will be one of the last things i do! haha... what sub/ amp/ headunit componets do you use?
headunit is pioneer(had it for three years only used it for four months out of that time) 6.5" pioneer component set up front and out back is 5 way 6x9s in back. for now it had a 10" almani sub and for the sub was a kenwood 800 watt amp for the rest is is a koiiler 600 watt amp. after i get my next sub i have to rebuild the box for a 12".

when the box is in you can see the sub from the back window i like the back of the sub showin cuz its nice and blue. now when i built this i wanted to make the back seats still usable so i left it open under the sub box. soon after i added a second amp behind my seat making it so noone can use that jump seat i keep my seat all the way back cuz im driving and need the space lol.

the nex sub box will go down to the floor leaving only the passage jump seat usable. now for the lifted truck im not even going to be using this set up for long cuz i found a way to put 2x15" 2x12" and also 4x10". now with that setup i dont know if i will put 4x10" but i will have the 15" and 12" stuffed in this bad boy.

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awesome post man, this will definetly help when im working on mine. How much do fiberglass mats run?
sounds pretty cool... ive got the 6x9 4 way pioneers in all four spots... the headunit i want is the double din pioneer and then i want a pioneer amp later on... trying to keep it all pioneer. when are the pics coming?

for the fiber glass it depends on what you plan to do did you have something in mind post on your center build topic what you had in mind maybe a rufff draft of your idea

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