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Cruise with the Mustangs

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Well, today was a beautiful 58 degree day in sunny Virginia Beach. My Mustang club is holding the national mustang show in August and a big part of it is the VA Beach cruise on the saturday night of the show. So today a few of us met up to do a dry run that almost 200 mustangs will drive in a convoy. Started at the show site in downtown VA Beach and cruised down to the oceanfront resort area and cruised the strip. Took a few pics of the ride at the beach area.

Just left downtown...

Road to the beach...

Atlantic Avenue...

Friends old stang following me...

At the finish point near the beach Veterns Memorial...

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haha... looks like a good meet! You're truck's the tallest!
haha, i could see over everyone! LOL... it was a lot of fun though. 25 miles and used about 4 gallons of gas keeping up! haha
looks like a ton of fun, i love meets, havent been to one in forever
Where are you located?
wow would i have loved to been there with mine , it`s in two feet of snow :'( right now. no cruising it for a month or two yet. thats pretty impressive that a bunch of pony boys let you hang. in there spot light. don't see that to much any more.
They are very welcoming with me! They call me Ranger Man. lol. They include me in all the shows and cruises. I also help them with shows and im the "pace truck" they say. Its sweet. They also know im getting a stang in 2014 for the 50th Anniversary and I work on a lot of the cars! LOL
that was bitchin Olford 8)
It was cool cuz even though its not tourist season, the beach and resort strip was still packed and people were just stopping where they were to watch us drive down the Avenue.
Yes that is cool like a rolling car show :p
Pretty much! It was lots and lots of fun!!!! 8)
Yes it looked like it was too 8)
man that would be the **** now you just need to drop that bitch so your lower lol
haha, thats a few years down the road. probably late 2012. And drop a 5.4 in there as well! Then the cobras would be keeping up with me!!!
lol ya i here that
by that point it will be making over 500 hp, have full suspension with coilovers instead of the stupid t bars, and a powerglide tranny that will make the ranger fly!!!
yes that truck would hall a** :p
hells yeah!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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