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Ok so i recently asked whether to get a leveling kit or crank it up to make it sit like a 4x4. Olford said to give it a crank and then get the alignment checked. I dont have experience for workin on trucks but could i crank it myself??
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Yes you can crank it yourself. I don not have pictures of it, i can try to get them later, but there are bolts at the end of the t-bars under the cab of the truck that you torque. The front of the truck has to be lifted off the ground so the suspension is expanded. When you atualyy torque the bars you have to make sure you torque each bolt the exact number of times or else you will have a lop sided truck in the front.

Thats just the basics until I get picks and refresh myself on the process but im sure someone else will chime in with this.
Whats happenin olford!!! and thanks man! my dad has my truck with him now but i wanna do it in the next few days
Not much man. Sucks being away from it dont it! I hate it when I go on cruze and im away from it for months. LOL
I know! I walked downstairs and looked outside and it was gone! haha but my dad will break it in a little which isnt a big deal. Plus he will have to put in a full tank a gas for me ;)
A full tank is always a plus!
Heck ya! and if anyone could post pics of how to do the crank that would be AWESOME.
omg i don't want to hear about being away from ur trucks i left mine on blocks at home cuz i just put new BFG km2's and a new flowmaster on it so when i left the tires were still off and like last week my dad calls me and tells me he tore my trucks diffs up and i was pissed than he called an hour later and said happy b-day "my b-day was the 21st of feb" i just installed eaton lockers in ur truck i freaked out lol i was so happy but guess what i'm still n D.C. and my truck is in michigan and i get to drive it wednesday lol i'm super happy :D :D :D :D
haha, lucky punk! Im gone from it for months and all i get on it is a few more scratches!
and get this he calls me yesterday and guess what i hear in the background
air tools!
HE WAS DRIVEING MY TRUCK lol i heard the flowmaster and than before he got off the phone he turned up my subs he is teaseing meeeeeee
what muffler? Please say Super 44!
lol whats it say in my signiture lol flowmaster super 44
Oh **** Son! As soon as you get home you need to make sound clip videos of it!!!
Sweet! i really want to hear these super 44s!
i have a video in the video post on here it was very windy that day so it was kinda hard to hear the muffler but u can hear it if u listin
Ya i think i saw that one just a minute ago. Was it the facebook one??
yes it sounded pretty good. Now yours is a 4.0 too, correct?
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