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Cold morning starts? When the outside early morning winter temperatures in San Diego are between the 40 and 50 degrees my 2003 Ford Ranger will not start and if it does start, once in gear half way down the block the truck cuts out completely. I wait a minute or two and then it start up again usually does not cut out again. No codes come on to the dash board. And it only cuts out when cold summer months no problem starting.
2003 Ford Ranger XL, 2WD, 5 speed, engine is 3.0L V6
Here is what I have done to the truck:

New Battery.
New Starter. (tested the starter no problems)
Crankshaft sensor
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Ignition start switch.
The IAC and MAFS checked out fine.
The engine is getting fuel and spark checked out.
Root cause : Ignition to engine failure when cold.
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