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I have a 2001 XLT 4-cyl. manual trans with about 80k.

In the summer, whenever I drive more than about 30 minutes with a load in the back (not overloaded ... say, a pile of branches from my yard), the clutch pedal grab point starts to farther and farther out from the floor until the clutch won't push in at all. This deteriorates quickly, so within about a minute, I know I have to pull off the road or I'll get stranded. The clutch pedal becomes rock solid, all the way out, can't budge it toward the floor, and the truck is not drivable. After about 30 min with the engine off, everything cools down to the point where the clutch moves freely again. This only happens when it's hot outside (above 85 degrees or so) and I drive more than 30 min.

Of course when I take it to the mechanic they can't reproduce the issue, but it's happened to me enough times to know something's wrong.

The engine temp gauge never goes above half, so the engine itself is not overheating.

In 2010, I had the master and slave cylinders, clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing and pilot bearing replaced by AAA Car Care. I'm sure I got taken advantage of, but it is what it is.

Ideas??? Could it be a matter of something needing to be flushed and refilled?

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